Prizes and press


1988 1st Prize of “International Pastel” awarded by the “Societé International Pastellistes” Compiegne. France.
1990 Grand Prix pastel drawing “Art Europe» Cannes.
1991 1st Prize “Artistic Circle St.Lluc”Barcelona.
1996 Prix du “Conseil Regional d’Auvergne” offert par V. Giscard D’Estaing, Buxières Les Mines. France.
1997 Honorable Mention Award for Painting “Artistic Circle ST.Lluch” Barcelona.
1997 1st Prize” Valenti “Delivered by Mr. Josep PIQUE I CAMPS, Sitges, Barcelona.
1999 Selecc.2 No Cert. Internc. Painting “Gallery Urdangarín Aitor” Vitoria.
2000 Select. I Painting Biennale “Agrupació MUTUAL FOUNDATION” Barcelona.
2000 Selected Cert.Internc 3rd. Painting “Gallery Urdangarín Aitor” Vitoria
2001 Selected Painting Prize “FOCUS ABENGOA” Sevilla.
2003 Selected Contemporary Painting 1st Prize “Vila Casas Foundation” Torroella of Montgrí.Girona.



…… “I try to paint the emotions, feelings, moods, soul, essence, essential” states Valdés in a revealing self-written manifesto. The aim is to portray people whose introspection makes them almost invisible, who “touch the energy or listen to the silence”, who “walk blindly guided by their intuition, perceiving life internally and externally”.
It is a beautiful metaphor for the pursuit of the artist’s ideal, in an era dominated by noise, interference, information overload and a relativity that brings uncertainty to the certain. Faced with cultural implosion, the only voice is introspection, the search for the truth that dwells at heart of us all, the critical conscience harshly purged from common places and inevitable automatism.….
.….In this sense, Montse Valdés would represent “sacred meditations”, the soul in its most extreme state of concentration, metaphysical karma as an intimate and collective experience.….
Ricard Mas, Art critic
March 2012

Practique des Arts n° 97 / April-May 2011

……”The talent of this Spanish artist is to live up to its commitment painture. His career reads uncompromising mirror to a demanding and unique pictorial research that places human beings at the center of its concerns as Plastic Cash and personal. By opening the doors of his studio, Montse Valdés opens as those of a poetic universe, built with humility, patience and work”.……
David Gauduchon
Director of the Practique des Arts Magazine

El Periódico, December 2002

……”Montse Valdés, is faithful to figuration from which. His paintings have the maximum realism possible in the evocation of the classic. His men and women belong imperative from concept to classical Greece, but they are people today in their feelings. Symbolically describes what we are, never in an effort to create archetypes, but the will to find a reason personally to excel.
The painter has an excellent technical background, but does not take refuge in it. Could and would not be objectionable in itself, but the limitation would prevent him from expressing to the extent that it does now. Instead, he uses his knowledge to feel free in the representation of a figure, concentrated in thought, in harmony with others. Set, therefore, the variety and unity of the people in the society they belong from the beginning. I think Valdes is a painter Montse important”……
Josep M. Cadena
Art Critic

El Periódico, November 2000

……”She is a young painter who demonstrates strength and freshness in her plastic language.””She trained with Isidre Vilaseca and Artur Aldoma Puig. Then She improve painting and drawing at Paris.After to make study, She now can manifest her way to understand the painting.……”
Josep M. Cadena
Art critic

El Periódico, November 1999

……”The young woman, seen throw of naked with lead as to feminine interior world”.”Montse Valdes don a intense change to improve in the feeling expression”.……
Josep M. Cadena
Art critic